Get Social!


Early Intensive Behavioral Therapy Currently, EIBT is the only scientifically proven methodology shown to ameliorate the negative impact of autism. EIBT uses the principles of Behavior Analysis to focus on identifying behaviors that interfere with normal developmental processes, understanding the relationship between a behavior and the child’s environment, and modifying those behaviors to improve the child's functional capacity. The available data suggests that these intensive therapies may be most beneficial when administered early in a child's development and delivered within a supervised, well-structured, and multidisciplinary team model. Get Social! Therapy offers EIBT services to children on the Autism Spectrum between the ages of two to five years old. 

Get Social! Family, Friends, and Community Program Built upon the success of Early Intensive Behavioral Treatment, the Get Social! Family, Friends, and Community program is designed for learners between the ages of six to 21. The goal of the Get Social! Family, Friends, and Community Program is to increase the learner’s independence and sense of freedom by helping the learner reduce interfering and mal-adaptive behaviors; build the learners adaptive and independent living skills; further refine pro-social behaviors; and developing executive functioning skills.

ABA Workshop A Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) will supervise and train parents or caregivers to deliver in-home ABA programming. The BCBA will conduct the initial assessment, make goals for your child, design behavioral programming, provide ongoing monitoring of the child’s success and make changes to the program as needed. 

Behavior Intervention Services Get Social! Therapy offers short-term behavioral consultation and intervention services to reduce a child’s specific problem behavior. Get Social! personnel will conduct a functional behavioral analysis and assessment to identify problem behaviors and develop hypotheses about the environmental factors that may trigger the behavior. Next, Get Social! personnel will develop a behavior support plan to reduce the targeted behavior while teaching pro-social replacement behaviors. Get Social! staff will provide training to the child’s parents, caretakers, and/or school staff in implementation strategies. 

Behavior Management Consultation Get Social! personnel will work with families and educators to help create a behavior support plan to optimize your child’s success in the regular education or special education setting. Get Social! personnel will assess the child in the home or educational environment, and will develop a customized behavior support plan. The customized behavior support plan may include positive behavioral supports, assistive technology recommendations, academic and curricular modifications and/or accommodations, and recommended environmental changes.

 Social Skills Groups Social impairment and difficulty with social reciprocity is perhaps the single most defining feature of autism (American Psychiatric Association, 1994; National Research Council, 2001). Additionally, children with ADHD, non-verbal learning disabilities, and other learning and developmental delays may lack the social competence necessary to develop friendships, obtain emotional well-being and foster confidence. At Get Social! Therapy social skills are systematically taught using empirically proven methodologies, such as direct instruction, video modeling and video feedback, social stories, and peer mediated intervention instruction.

In-Service Training and Staff Development Get Social! personnel offers individualized training and group-based presentations in the areas of Autism in the classroom, Selective Mutism in the classroom, behavior management procedures, classroom management techniques, behavioral technologies, social skills development, paraprofessional training, inclusive education, IEP development, data collection and goal tracking procedures. 

Camp Courageous Camp Courageous is a week long therapeutic camp designed specifically for children with Selective Mutism.

Academic Tutoring Is your child struggling in school? Does your child want to learn but requires a different approach? Get Social Therapy uses Precision Teaching, a precise and systematic measuring system, to remediate core academic weaknesses, build fluency and make continuous data based decisions specific to your learner. All academic tutoring programs are designed and overseen by credentialed teachers and Board Certified Behavior Analysts. 

Homework Help Drop in homework help is available to club members Monday-Thursday 5:30-7:30 pm.  Our drop in homework center helps young learners thrive. Our specially trained tutors take the hassle and heartache out of homework and work to teach your child organizational, goal setting, and self management skills.

IEP Consultation IEP meetings can be stressful. Get Social Therapy's credential special education teachers can help you prepare for your child's meeting, advocate for your child during the meeting, and help you understand all of the paperwork post meeting. 

BCBA/BCaBA Supervision Our seasoned Board Certified Behavior Analysts can assist you in meeting the BACB supervision and experience requirements. Contact meetings take place in a virtual learning environment for your convenience. To ensure you  meet the BACB requirement of two observations per month, you may submit a video recording or log in to our HIPPA compliant video conferencing platform. Supervision will include literature reviews, case discussions, observations, and feedback regarding written treatment protocols.